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Academy Award - Original Score

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by Fluffie_muppet @Fluffie_Muppet
The score of a movie adds to the atmosphere and emotion of a scene, builds to a crescendo and can signal danger or fear. This years nominated movies use music to its full magical extent, here are this years nominee's

John Williams at the Boston Symphony Hall afte...

John Williams at the Boston Symphony Hall after he conducted the Boston Pops. May 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lincoln - John Williams
With his 48th Oscar nomination, and 5 wins Williams is the composer the movies love. His scores are different, they blend in seamlessly while creating the same effects and emotions as some of the more stand out scores.

Thomas Newman

Cover of Thomas Newman

Skyfall - Thomas Newman
This is Newman's eleventh nomination, and he is yet to win, the bond score is always a big deal, and this movie far surpasses its predecessors. With Skyfall breaking the $1 billion mark, and receiving wide praise could this be his year.

Alexandre Desplat

Cover of Alexandre Desplat

Argo - Alexandre Desplat

His 5th nomination, and fourth year in a row, the Frenchman continues his great form with this stellar outing. it was subtle yet devastatingly effective. It helps blend the comedy and suspense with a delicate ease we have come to expect from Desplat.

Mychael Danna

Cover of Mychael Danna

Life Of Pi - Mychael Danna

This is Danna's second nomination of the year, and his score for this movie really adds to the overall scope of an amazing visual movie. The Canadian born composer will be hoping that Skyfall will not to be keeping him at bay twice in one night.
Anna Karenina - Dario Marianelli 

Dario Marianelli

Cover of Dario Marianelli

This is Marianelli's third nomination, after winning for Atonement in 2008. His excellence is on show once again here and any other year he would be a shoe in, but this is a very tough field i feel he may be out gunned this year.
And The Winner Is...............

Skyfall - Thomas Newman 

I feel this has to be the year for bond, the music of bond movies is iconic and this movie goes far beyond what we usually come to expect, and although still not nominated for a bigger award, it is fitting that Skyfall gets the Oscar nods it deserves.

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