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Academy Award - Best Original Song

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Fluffie_muppet @Fluffie_Muppet
Music has always been very important in movies, and this years offerings are all different and add so much to their respective movies. Here are this years nominee's.
Pi's Lullaby  - The Life of Pi

Avery moving song, perfectly sung by the song writer Bombay Jayashri, its almost hypnotic in nature, however I feer the none English lyrics hamper this songs chances.
Suddenly - Les Miserable

I have huge issues with this song, not only does it really not fit into the movie, standing out like a sore thumb in comparison to the awe inspiring songs that inhabit the rest of the movie, but it also does not use Hugh Jackman to the best of his potential. Throughout Les Mis his vocals are strong and in places so emotional, yet this song is weak and falls way short of the standard the rest of soundtrack produces.
Before My Time - Chasing Ice

This is a very Oscar song, its inoffensive, nicely sung and has pleasing lyrical content, any other year this would be up there as favorite. Only trouble is, from the first line of vocals you can't help but find yourself thinking it would have sounded better had Adele been singing, also not helped by the fact this movie is not all that well known.
Everybody Needs A Best Friend - Ted

Its strange that this even got nominated, its not particularly high quality and lyrically very silly, not on par with any of its fellow nominee's or any that went before it. I would agree with common consensus that this was just a nod to the host of the night Seth MacFarlane, giving his movie an unjustified Oscar nimination.
Skyfall - Skyfall

You don't have to like it, but its really not hard to appreciate this song, its sung with such emotion and has the tell tale Bond tune running through it. Very clever and a huge hit around the globe, Oscar will join the masses in his appreciation of the all conquering Adele, and her performance should be a highlight of the evening, lifting this category out of its 'put the kettle on time' status from which is usually suffers.
Although this category is one of my favorites it never usually sets the world alight, this year it is all about Adele, there is quite simply nothing the other nominee's offer that Skyfall does not, and as I commented her performance will be outstanding on the night.

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