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Abundant Life | Looking Up by Candra Evans

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

When I thought life was not worth living, I looked up. I literally looked toward the sky, beyond the clouds and into the heavens. My sight could only traverse so many shades of blue sky, but my heart advanced to the throne of God. Two words that described all that my heart could see was “abundant life”.

Abundant Life Look UpJob declared that a man (and woman) is but a few days and full of trouble. But I found that the fullness of trouble is tied to this present earth. It is tied to the faults of human nature and carnal things.

Jesus died that we might have eternal life and eternal life exceeds the boundaries of carnality and humanness.

Life seems empty when we only measure its value by the amount of money we have or the number of people we can depend on. Whether you have or have not, life is much more than this.

If I focus on what I don’t have or compare my life to the woman next door, I will miss the prospect of abundant living. Therefore, I stand in the foreground of a pink, orange, and purple sunset, and I am reminded that God has enlarged my territory. The quality of my life is not limited.

Because God is in me and I am in Him, my disappointments and heartache is not the end of my story. I may have failed but God’s mercy endures forever.

I have fallen down. I have been pushed down. But when I look up, I am lifted up.

I look up to align my thoughts with the ways of Heaven. I pray to live a life of peace, love, and optimism in spite of my circumstances. This is hard to do when my head is bowed down and I’ve narrowed my vision to everything that is wrong.

Abundant life is reachable when I put God before my circumstance.

When I look up, I become engaged with all the wonders of Heaven. It helps me set my heart free from anger and fear. This probably sounds silly to some. Looking up? Placing such great value on what cannot be seen? Preposterous, some would say.

But what would happen if we let go and trust God’s ways. How could things change if showing love became more important than getting even? What if we captured every negative thought and made them subject to the truth of God’s Word? Abundant Life.

How abundant can life possibly be? Is it as vast as our faith in God? Is the potential of abundant life without limits?

My resolve is firm that life can be as full, as plentiful and as abounding as the existence of our God.

~ Candra Evans

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