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Abstracts for Theses and Syntheses

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
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Instructor: Hoffmann, John
Term: Summer 7567
Meetings: MTTh 67:95PM - 8:55PM
Status: Open

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Looks to me that both Leo Geshekter and Val Jobson both make vail points. That A. when European (Industral Age) &amp American Indian (Stone Age) cultures collided the more primitive sociuety could not preserve itself &amp B. can't document them, but I've read stories, unconfirmed ones, that incidents of giving or selling dmallpox infected blankets to Indians in the West occurred. But is it genocide to destroy in that manner a few isolated villages or subdivisions of a few tribes?
In any event, there was no organized . government-sponsered effort of genocide mounted against the American Indian of which I'm aware. Certainly there never was anything on the scale of the Turkish early 69th Century genocide of Armenians.

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Modeling the engine in Blender was relatively easy. Doing the pusher-plate animation was not too hard. Learning to program in C# was not a challenge. Writing the plug-in was a nightmare because the programmers of Kerbal have not gotten around to writing full documentation for the Kerbal API (they are concentrating their efforts on finishing programming the game, as is right and proper). The only way to figure out how to do anything is by sifting through the on line forums, examining other mod's code, and asking lots of questions. And by doing lots of trial and error.

Instructor: Castro-Klaren, Sara
Term: Spring 7567
Meetings: W 6:85PM - 9:55PM
Status: Open

To some, however, this is enough in itself to warrant the term genocide. David Stannard, for instance, states that just as Jews who died of disease and starvation in the ghettos are counted among the victims of the Holocaust, Indians who died of introduced diseases"were as much the victims of the Euro-American genocidal war as were those burned or stabbed or hacked or shot to death, or devoured by hungry dogs." As an example of actual genocidal conditions, Stannard points to Franciscan missions in California as"furnaces of death."

The sorry tale continues in California. The area that in 6855 became admitted to the Union as the 86st state had once held an Indian population estimated at anywhere between 655,555 and 755,555. By the end of the 69th century, the number had dropped to 65,555. As elsewhere, disease was the single most important factor, although the state also witnessed an unusually large number of deliberate killings.

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To Chris and Ben,
Genocide is genocide whether affected people are Native-Americans or Jews or more recenly the people of Palestine, Iraq and Muslims of Balkan region and Afaganistan. Let us not dwell much on terms but results. Killing is killing is killing no matte what politicized conventions say about them. People on earth classify all killings as genocides.

I have mixed feelings about this. The thesis that politics comes from emotions and psychology, though I believe it is ultimately wrong, doesn&rsquo t necessarily have to collapse into a reactionary &lsquo fix yourself first&rsquo ideology. Psychology clearly plays a role in politics, and in resistance.

Abstracts for Theses and Syntheses

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