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About Botanical Gardens

Posted on the 04 August 2016 by @bonsoni

A botanical garden is a place to be attached to the plant and displayed primarily for scientific and educational purposes. A botanical garden consists mainly of a collection of living plants, grown in the open or under in greenhouses and conservatories glass. It typically includes, but also a collection of dried plants or herbal and facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, museums or research and experimental plantations. Concrete fountains and wall fountains are often included in the display of botanical gardens.

About Botanical Gardens

The plants in a botanical garden can be arranged in one or more subdivisions of botanical science. The systematic arrangements (for asset classification), ecological values (relative to ambient) or geographic (by region of origin). The most important botanical gardens are often specific groups, such as rock gardens, water gardens, wildflower gardens and collections of horticultural groups through the choice of plants produced, such as roses, tulips, or rhododendrons. Exhibitions restricted planting of woody plants is called an arboretum. Most botanical gardens include water features such as wall fountains of water.

    History of the Botanical Garden

One of the first botanical gardens for the study of plants was established in ancient Athens about 340 BC. BC by Aristotle and his pupil Theophrastus. The oldest public botanical gardens in the world are based in Pisa, Italy, in 1543; Padua, Italy, in 1545; in Paris in 1635; and in Berlin in 1679. I grew up in the 16th and 17th centuries, herbalists herbs in private gardens. In 1673, the society of pharmacists in the Chelsea Physic Garden in London planted to provide materials for research and medicine. The American botanist John Bartram near Philadelphia was the first experimental botanical garden in the United States in the year 1728th

    Botanical Garden, where they found

Almost every major city has a botanical garden. The Royal Botanic Gardens, better known as Kew Gardens, near London, founded in 1759, is the largest in the world. Experiments and research carried out for transplantation resulted in commercially productive crops such as rubber, from their natural habitat in other parts of the world.

More than 300 botanical gardens in the US Among the most important are the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis (1859); New York Botanical Garden in Bronx Park (1895) and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, both in New York City. Arnold Arboretum, created in 1872, is located at Harvard University.
    Visit benefits of a botanical garden

When visiting the botanical gardens and botanical gardens, city dwellers can discover a part of the natural world, which normally has access, to escape the pressure of dense urban population, and perhaps even develop new interests and hobbies, with to the natural environment. In these special parks, plants from around the world are scientifically cultivated, studied and presented artistically for the enjoyment and education of the public. Arboretums specialize in trees and shrubs (trees) to increase their natural environment. You can independently or as part of a larger botanical garden exist.

Unlike ordinary parks, botanical gardens and arboreta are drawn to the beauty of the landscape the head. Offer sculpture and cast stone fountains. Although trees and shrubs may be interspersed in the area to enhance the pleasant surroundings, plants are usually grouped according to their scientific relationships. Often there are small gardens, special, such as gardens, rock gardens, wildflower gardens, or Japanese landscape content increased in the most important botanical gardens. Many have sections devoted to specific geographical origin plants as part of the tropical installation or a section of the water plant. Normally, the plants are labeled by their common name and scientific name region of origin.

A botanical garden may contain a few hundred or less than 20 000 species and varieties of plants, depending on the amount of land, money and professional help available. In size, rich botanical gardens of about 2 1/2 acres (1 hectare) to more than 220 acres (90 hectares). It can be a greenhouse, or more of a greenhouse in a botanical garden. The greenhouse is used for both plants and show where winters are cold, for plants that otherwise might not survive the growing season of change. In temperate climates, certain tropical plants must be grown in greenhouses, for example, orchids and tropical ferns, pineapples, Spanish moss, cacti, African violets and begonias. The seedlings, which must be outside when the weather is warm enough so they can be started in greenhouses or in the beds house warming earth with glass and cover.

Many types of plants need certain climatic conditions at certain times of year, and require special storage areas for them botanical garden. Some young plants, for example, may require a growth period of winter, but they can not survive freezing temperatures. They should be stored in the cold frame structures are formed unheated pit is covered with glass. Houses built of lathing, some plants may be necessary to temporarily store in the shadows and certain plants to grow, which can not withstand the heat of the summer sun.

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