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Abortion on Television

By Erikalust

You’ve probably noticed that abortion isn’t the favourite topic of TV show producers. It’s always represented as something wrong, or something we shouldn’t talk about, and somehow we’re always expecting the character to admit that deep down she wants the baby or to finally change her mind at the last minute.

Well, on the first episode of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, we see a young woman who clearly said she did not want to have kids and went through with the abortion, during the episode. I think it’s a real progress to admit on TV in front of thousands of spectators that abortion is real, and that it concerns all of us, ie regular people who deal with today’s society. In that episode Christina made a choice and stuck to it because that’s what is good for her, and the people around her finally accepted her decision.

It’s is also nice to see this time a character that is not a teenage girl who accidentally fell pregnant, but a grown woman who’s capable of making her own decisions. It’s doesn’t tell the audience that sex is bad, but that choice is a fundamental right.
Don’t get me wrong, abortion isn’t easy, but it’s a choice we should all have the right to make without suffering prejudice.

You can watch a sneak peek of the episode here.
Abortion on television

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