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ABC's of Breakfast ... K Through O

By Daylehayes
ABC's of Breakfast ... K through O


Kumquats?!??! There are tons of tasty ways to be adventurous at breakfast time. Try a new food (mangoes in the morning) or new concept (tortilla wraps with meat and cheese). Allow children to be creative with breakfast – after all, they are the ones that have to eat it! My personal fav of unusual breakfasts is still the olives in Turkey, which usually include sliced tomatoes and cucumbers as well.


Quick, easy, tasty, and almost always available, leftovers are awesome in the morning. Try ‘em for breakfast – and you may have a practical, convenient way to keep your fridge cleaned out! Leftover breakfast can be everything from a slice of leftover pizza to slices of leftover steak or leftover lasagna to leftover beans for a breakfast burrito.


This one is a serious no-brainer. Milk provides lasting protein power – along with bone-building calcium and at least a dozen other nutrients. Chocolate has all the same nutrients and, in most cases, only about 10 grams of added sugars. Warm it up and you have the fav breakfast beverage of French children (un bol de chocolat chaud). If you prefer soymilk, be sure to choose a brand that is fortified with calcium and soy’s missing vitamins (A and D).


In reasonable portions (like a handful), nuts offer powerful nutrition in a delicious package. Eat them alone, or create your own trail mix with nuts, whole grain cereal, and dried fruit (plus a few chocolate chips for your sweet tooth). Sprinkle walnuts onto hot or cold cereal – or pump up your yogurt parfait with a crunchy layer of almonds.


If you skip breakfast to try and control your weight, you’re on the wrong track. Numerous studies have shown that breakfast eaters have healthier weights than breakfast skippers. Remember, starving in the morning almost always leads to stuffing sometime later in the day.

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