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A Years Hair Care Sorted

By Sue15cat
   A Years Hair Care Sorted
A mystery parcel arrived the other day.
At first I was baffled, and then I remembered a short email the other week telling me that I had won one of the prizes offered for filling in a short vegan survey.
A Years Hair Care Sorted
My prize was a years supply of Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner.
Brilliant, that's something else we won't have to buy for well over a year ... we both have very short hair so each bottle of shampoo will last us well over a month each.  And as I rarely use conditioner one bottle of that should last to go with each of the three shampoos of that 'flavour'.  Meaning I can sell two of each flavor conditioner at the next car boot sale we do and use the money I get to buy me a couple of boxes of hair dye ... a very necessary expenditure  ;-)
A Years Hair Care Sorted
With selling in mind I went on the Faith in Nature website to have a look at how much these shampoos and conditioners retail for and was astonished to find it is £6 a bottle!!  Then I checked with Superdrug and found that they usually sell them for £5.99 but at the moment they are on offer at £2.99.  Whichever way you look at it I have done very nicely  :-)

So that's us sorted in haircare for at least a year, and another thing we can't produce ourselves ticked off the list.
Sue xx

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