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A Year Later: Sage's Birth Story

By Myjoneses
A year later: Sage's Birth Story
One year ago today we welcomed Sage Jackson Jones into the world.  We’ve retold his story over and over again and it still makes us smile.  Although at the time Sean wouldn’t have agreed. 
A week late, it seemed like he might never arrive.  After many false alarms I had given up and shrugged off those sharp pains because hey this kid just wasn’t coming out.  Sean had taken off work the week after Sage’s predicted due date, which we did enjoy just without the baby.  
So it was Sunday, the day before he had to go back to work and also the day of my niece’s 2nd birthday party.  After lunch we had to get ourselves together and get the birthday girl’s present wrapped.  I have to say at this point I knew in the back of my head that those sharp pains weren’t fading away like they had been.
We made it to the birthday party, about a dozen kids under 5 and Cy was having a blast.  Food, cake, games playing and presents.  My sister and mother in law kept asking me are you sure you’re okay you’re awful quiet.  I’m fine is all I’d reply.  By this time those sharp pains we quite regular, but I wasn’t going to get everyone together and make Cy leave the party for us to go sit in a hospital room for hours.  I had been induced with Cy and was in the labor room for over a day before he finally arrived. 
Finally we were headed home and I divulged to Sean that I was in labor, I left out the part that I had known since about noon.  I told him let’s get home get Cy settled and I’ll call my sister to stay with him over night.  I then sent Sean to his friend’s father's memorial service that he had planned on stopping in at.  My sister got over to the house after I got Cy to bed, we sat and talked for awhile.  When Sean got back to the house he was insistent that we needed to leave now.  But keep in mind I’m just as stubborn as my boys are, both a week late, and I made Sean wait.

We finally did make it down to the hospital, it was after hours and we needed to walk up to the maternity unit from the ER entrance.  About 10 feet down the hallway to the maternity unit I realized hmm.. I should have listened to Sean and gotten here an hour ago.  

We got checked in, gown on, both Grandmas arrived and they checked me.  9 cm.  I thought Sean was going to fall over, he said I told you we should have left sooner!  About the time the doctor made it to the hospital I was ready to push.  15 minutes later Sage came barreling into this world.  11:57 p.m. just in time to share his cousin's birthday date. 
There he was that perfect little rosy body with that unforgettable new baby wail.  He stole my heart and took my breath away all in one moment, one second of meeting him.
They took him down to the nursery to get all his information and Sean snuck down to peak in on him.  The nurse invited him in to give Sage his first bottle and offered a word of advice: if you and your wife have any more children next time get here sooner.  
A year later: Sage's Birth StoryA year later: Sage's Birth StorySage’s birth story is very fitting of him.  Half the time he’s just along for the ride, but he keeps up and when he wants your attention hey he’ll get it!
A year later: Sage's Birth Story
A year later: Sage's Birth Story
A year later: Sage's Birth Story
A year later: Sage's Birth Story  Happy 1st birthday to my little baby who is growing up so fast!Thank you for letting me be your mother. Everyday is a gift.A year later: Sage's Birth StorySubscribe in a reader

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