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A Woman's Dress

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
A Woman's Dress
The detail of this dress is a lot like me: bright, cheerful, perhaps a tad too loud, worn and a bit flawed because of it. It a wonderful frock made from stiff cotton woven fabric, with added charms of white embroidered trim. There's an extra thrill: the sweet detail of white thread tassels attached to the drawstring belt.

Here's a selfie I took sometime last month wearing the red dress, pairing it with a brightly Ethnic flavored shawl-sweater thingy. I felt quite fashionably Internationale.

A Woman's Dress
Here's a peek at the head to toe look from my Instagram feed:

A post shared by Citizen Rosebud (@thecitizenrosebud) on Feb 9, 2017 at 1:22pm PST

It's a casual dress infused with celebratory candor, and so not only makes a good stand in for me but for today in general: International Womens Day.
Whether or not you choose to protest as part of your celebration today, do take the time to appreciate the value of the women in your life. 
Some ways you can show your solidarity:
  • WEAR RED. It's easy to spot the color of love and revolution.
  • SKIP WORK. If you can do so, take the day of work. As a woman, know while you might not yet make equal pay to equal work, you are essential to the work force.
  • NO SHOPPING. If possible hold back on spending money today. Let the under-estimated monetary muscle of women be felt world wide.
  • If you must shop today, please support women owned businesses. 

Well, it so happens I do have to go into work today. I work as a shopgirl two or three days a week at a wonderful local business in my neighborhood that just so happens to be owned by an awesome woman. If you happen to be in the area of check out Le Merde in Seattle, and DO stop by and say hi. I'll be most certainly looking boss in something red.

A Woman's Dress

Beautifully International red cotton dress tunic is available HERE

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