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A Winter’s Day

By David Marsden @anxiousgardener

After a short Christmas break, I returned to a frozen Priory.


Icy, sparkling,


frosted, prickly.


The valley softened by cloudy breath (if you’ll allow me a little purple prose)


and the ponds frozen hard.


As I crunched about the grounds, I thought of a favorite childhood book – the marvelous Ladybird ‘What to look for in Winter’.  Only I had no herons, the ducks have fled and sadly Bewick swans don’t visit here.  Oh, and there was no snow.  But otherwise ….


My fingers burned as I took photos, grasping a cold metal tripod.  Maybe some gloves, David?


The west pond leaks.  Full with recent rain, it froze and then leaked a little.  Hence this ice-tonsure.  Friends from the village asked if they could throw ice about.  It is satisfying (really) to send ice-shards skittering across the glass surface.  And occasionally there is a startling gun-shot as the water level falls a little more and the ice cracks dramatically.


Ice skimming over and exhausted by chatting, I hunched over my needy bonfire and watched a perfect, tall, white column of smoke rise against the airless, blue sky.


It has been a fine, bright day.  Happy New Year.

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