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A WInter Centerpiece

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
A  WInter Centerpiece Since last weeks birthday partyI have put my living room back togetherand fluffed it along the way.
A  WInter Centerpiece I am most happy with my new living room centerpiece.
For those of you that follow my blogyou already know my affinity for morning coffee and candles.
My new winter center piece is one of my all time favorites!
A  WInter Centerpiece Because not only is it a perfect centerpiece of candlesit doubles as a flower arrangement as well.
As I mentioned in the birthday party post herewhen entertaining I usually prefer live plantsto cut flowers for the longevity and second life they can have after the party.
After Ellis's birthday party I had beautiful African violets to work withso they worked in perfectly in this centerpiece arrangement.
A  WInter Centerpiece While the candles are litI simply set the violets to the side of the trayNot only does this protect the flowersbut it extends the arrangement beautifully while the candles are burningcreating a perfectly cozy winter ambiance.
A  WInter Centerpiece
A  WInter CenterpieceOnce the candles are cooledI simply replace the pots back on the candle topsReturning the arrangement to it's original beauty.
A  WInter Centerpiece This centerpiece arrangement is currently my favorite piece in my living room.
I assembled it beginning with
a large wooden trayto which I added about
 5 pounds of white rice5 mercury glass raised candle holdersatop these I placed a mixtureof candlesand quartz candle holdersI finished the candle arrangementwith 4 more of my favorite winter candles.
I  finished my winter arrangement with3 African violets in taupe ceramic containersthat were left over from the party.
A  WInter CenterpieceEach morning I can't wait to get up
make  my coffee
light my candles
and truly savor the quiet winter  morning hours.
Relishing in life's simple beauty.
A  WInter Centerpiece
A  WInter Centerpiece
As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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