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A Well-Behaved Dog is the Perfect Companion

By David13676 @dogspired

A Well-Behaved Dog is the Perfect Companion“A dog is a man’s best friend” is an old saying that still holds true today, but for those who lead active and busy lifestyles, it can prove difficult to make the most out of that relationship. For some, it may seem counterintuitive to own a dog and keep them out of one’s daily activities. While many who attempt to train dogs use treats as a way to reward good behavior, a new method, outlined in a recent MSNBC article, details how to use snacks appropriately. No Leash Needed, an organization dedicated to creating happy and healthy pets through dog training courses, endorses such methods and provides further explanation as to why it works.

Dog trainer, Laura Garber, tells MSNBC how much she enjoys having her dog around during her normal routine. Instead of leaving the dog at home while she goes about her daily business, she can have her dog around friends, take stress-free walks and lounge at a local cafe without having to worry about the pet’s behavior. Garber was able to achieve such results by employing a three-step method that teaches canines how to position themselves in certain situations. Garber explains how these steps have influenced her and her dog’s relationship. “When I’m walking, she’s walking (loose-leash); when I’m standing, she’s sitting; and when I’m sitting, she’s lying down.”

Treats are essential to get a dog to learn these new tricks, but it is important to use them in a way that does not go against the training. For instance, when teaching a dog to stay by one’s side while walking, one must only supply the treat while in motion as the dog remains in the loose-leash position — stopping to give the snack would prove ineffective. Shannon Mayfield, co-owner of No Leash Needed, supports treat reinforcement in the company’s training programs and comments, “Marking and rewarding a dog’s good behavior will help them learn what are expected behaviors and it sets a solid foundation for the future.”

However, as the article notes, the goal of dog training is to eventually abstain from treats so that the dog can respond with proper behavior on its own. In order to do this, Garber suggests spreading the treats out and making sure that every step of her training method is practiced regularly. No Leash Needed has encountered several success stories because of its continuous, but helpful training techniques. Shannon Mayfield notes, “The most important part of dog training is consistency and practice. No Leash Needed uses these wonderful tips, and we teach owners to employ them the same way when training their dog on their own time.”

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