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A Week in the Life #18

By Kelliciousxo @Kelliciousxo
A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18 A week in the life #18
Poncho...in a pocket! - My fave Whittards mug - BLINK MOTHER FREAKING 182 - Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus playing their acoustic set - Caramel Macchiato - More job forms - Beef, chorizo, mozarella and pesto burger - Tour shirt - Helping my mom choose glasses
Yes....another blog drought!*hangs head in shame* I came back to Coventry on Tuesday so have spent most of my week catching up with my family...I'd say friends too, but 98% of them are only just finishing university so hopefully I will see them soon! I am heading back down to the gert lush land of Brizzle tomorrow, just in time for my interview at Primark on Thursday. Fingers crossed I get the job this time :)
I had a pretty big fangirl moment on Saturday when I finally got to see blink-182 in all their glory. I became obsessed with them when I was 11 (and harboured a massive crush on Tom DeLonge for many years) and was totally gutted when they decided to break up the year after...I thought I was never going to see them! Saturday was more than awesome and was well worth the long wait - and the support from Twin Atlantic and The All American Rejects was awesome too.
If any of you are ever in Coventry for whatever reason, go and give The Establishment a look. It's a new bar and grill in the center which my mom and I tried out at the weekend - I had 'The Italian Burger', that sexy burger you can see in the pictures I've posted ;) The building itself used to be the county courts and even though it's been converted, still has loads of character (this picture says it all really). The menu is full of tasty food and everything is reasonably priced. It's nice to have another 'proper' bar and restaurant in my hometown, we don't really have many! :(
I am going to be posting a lot more once I'm back in Bristol, so keep your eyes peeled and whatnot :)
A week in the life #18

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