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A Twin Argument Against Abortion

By Sjbedard @sjbedard

There are two main arguments for abortion (although there is some overlap). One says that the unborn baby is not a human. I am not going to deal with that in this post. The other is that the unborn baby is a part of the woman’s body and she can do whatever she wants with her own body. I want to look at this one.

The claim is that the government should not intervene in what she chooses for her own body, even if that decision ends a life. Imagine this. Conjoined twin girls are born and attempt to have as normal a life as possible. But basically looking like one girl with two heads, it is very difficult. One day, one of the sisters makes a decision that she no longer wants to be a twin. She wants her sister’s life to be terminated by having the head removed. Should she have the right to do that? Should the government interfere? After all it is her body. It is not her fault that there is another human stuck to her.

Something for us to think about. This does not prove that abortion is wrong, but it does demonstrate that the arguments for abortion are somewhat naive.

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