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A Trip to Remember

By Tinkushaji

The havoc created during the wee hours in a home is uncontrollable. The rush, the time consciousness, the loudness and the 1000 times gaze to the wall clock.. Yup! You guessed it right, I am talking about the energetic morning hours where we all run and hush up our kids with just the same words "Its time, we are late, Hurry!". The same phrase during wake up, bath, food, dressing up and while driving too!

The moment we reach office, office would look so calm and peaceful. The hot chai served at the table is a blessing, the first sip really means a lot.

My home has similar scenes in the morning, my son (4 year old), would say "I am hurrying, its late" before I tell him. Sometimes I feel pity for him! The only day off for the whole busy week is already packed with schedules too like shopping, chopping, moping etc,.

It is a must that we have to take a break from the mad world once in a while. Till my son was 3, I have not (dared to) go for a trip which was just us because I was worried with so many "what if's"! Reasons because his food was always home cooked and hygiene, infections, office leave, his health is all my mind would juggle about. Once he was 3 and started having normal foods, I started with some picnics locally.

It was a Saturday morning, me and my husband had a real busy week, we hardly spoke for the week. When both of us woke up by 5 am, we decided to take off and instantly planned our trip to Kodaikanal. He just took his laptop and in a few clicks an awesome yatra was planned. The rooms were booked in no time and we drove to Kodaikanal. My little was in deep sleep. I packed all essential things and off to kodaikanal by 6 30 am. My son woke up when we took a break in Palani and was thrilled to see the winch at the Murugan Temple. It was nice to see from the road. We then reached Kodaikanal by 10 30 am. Because we had pre booked our hotel, the rooms were ready for check in. We had our complimentary breakfast and refreshed to meet nature.

I left my mobile at room and we were just packed with a baby bag with my baby's essentials and a camera to capture our awesome trip. My little one was so thrilled to see the mist and the loved the climate. The crokers park, pillar rocks, devils cave, Bryans park were treats to our trip. With the little one playing around with nature and we had a peaceful walk to discuss things which we missed during our mad days. Oh! We did hire cycles and enjoyed our rides around the lake, my son was so excited to go cycling with us. Our beautiful day was conveyed with a boating and we headed back to our room.

The day seemed really peaceful and happy. We did enjoy being with each other. Our little one was so happy to have his daddy and mommy with him throughout a day without giving him time limits and schedules. We then made the Sunday a lavishly lazy day and we cherished each moment. We headed back to Coimbatore after finishing our lunch watching lake view with cool mist around. The trip not only gave us a break but mended our family further closer. A trip to make our family bonds stronger.

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