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A Trip of Unfortunate Events – Part 8

By Cbdesigns @cherylboglioli
A Trip of Unfortunate Events – Part 8

It's been a ride on this Trip of Unfortunate Events and you are finally at the last leg of this trip. Again, thank you so much for following along on this adventure.

After leaving North Carolina, I headed a few hours south to my brother's house in Georgia. The car is acting even worse. Glinda is falling apart even more. Side window frame is now falling out inside and I can see that the walls are separating in the back from the floor. "Just get me home!" Can you hear me chanting this?

A Trip of Unfortunate Events – Part 8

Thankfully I make it to my brother's house in time for dinner, because he's planned a yummy crab boil to celebrate Memorial Day. What better end of my trip than to spend it with family and to spend this day with my brother. I'm so proud of Jesse and happy that he survived a few terms within the United States Air Force and just retired this last year. He's been overseas many times and I'm glad he's home.

Jesse tried to talk me into staying a few more days and taking my car to the local Chevy place, but I just wanted to get home. The next day I headed home to see my family. Thankfully, there were no more instances on the way home.

My first stop the next day was to my local bank branch. Apparently, my accounts were compromised and no one seems to have an answer of how or why. The bank has covered all charges and issued my money back to me. They closed out both accounts. Dear hubby and I had searched for other banks, but decided this bank was still the best fit for my travel and our business, so we are going to give this bank one more chance. They opened new accounts for personal and business. We even started a business savings account this time. Now, of course, the next week is spent changing out all my automatic withdrawals, deposits, online payments, etc. However, at this time, I have no further fraudulent charges. But I'm checking in daily.

As to my car, well....

First we take it back to local Chevrolet dealer and share our frustration about notification of warranty still available and how dissatisfied we have been with service there. They do agree to look at my car and find out what is wrong. Of course nothing is still showing up with computer diagnostics so it needs to stay in the shop for mechanic diagnostics where they discover that my transmission is indeed going out. Thank goodness, it is still under warranty for just a few more miles. I cannot afford a new transmission. I'm without a car for a week as they rebuild my transmission. Thank goodness for some miracles.

I finally get my car back and I still have some shake when driving, but no more surging. Shake has something to do with tires, so I need to take it back to the place I purchased my tires. Oh, it continues to rain on my parade. I just bought these tires before heading out to Texas this year so they are definitely in warranty. Apparently, the tire place gets to decide what is warranty or not. They tell me it is my shocks that has caused my tires to split not bad tire, so they will not honor warranty. You do not want me to repeat what I told that manager he could do with his warranty/guarantee. I was so mad, I couldn't even talk straight and was going to the mad cry mode. Just give me my car back right now. Let me say that I am now dealing with BBB and DA office for this issue because when I took the car down the road for a second opinion, I'm informed that my fairly new tires are indeed separating, but it is NOT from my shocks. They are bad tires. And there is Fix-A-Flat in my tires. I know I haven't put that in my tires, which means I had crappy tires from the get go. There is nothing wrong with my shocks, but they tell me it is a miracle I did not have a blow out on the road, especially towing a trailer and DO NOT under any circumstance take this car on the freeway. I use all my newly placed savings to replace all new tires and will never do business with previous company again.

A Trip of Unfortunate Events – Part 8

Now onto Home Depot, because on top of it all, apparently my oven died while I was traveling. Family was getting by with take-out and microwave food until I got home. Can I please catch a break?

In the meantime, we have decided to have Glinda rebuilt. This will take everything I made on this trip and then some. (praying for miracles here) But, if I don't get Glinda rebuilt, I can no longer travel with her. When we first got her, we patched her the best we could, but we knew eventually she would need some major work done to the frame and inside parts. Well, eventually is now. So, stay tuned for my BEFORE post as I show all that is now wrong with Glinda.

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