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A Tribute: RIP Heavy D. Thanks for Making My Teen Years So Fun.

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
Lessons Of A Dad is supposed to be a blog site about parenting and family, but I can't let the passing of one of my favorite musical artists slide without me making a tribute.
A tribute: RIP Heavy D.  Thanks for making my teen years so fun.The hip hop world is in mourning, as legendary rapper Heavy D, one of the giants of the genre (no pun intended) died yesterday, Nov. 8, 2011 at age 44.  There’s no official cause of death, although Vibe says he died of “respiratory issues” whatever that means.  More details of the cause of his demise are sure to come in the next few days.
RIP Heavy D.  Thanks for making my teen years so fun with your smooth rhymes…and such cool dance moves for a big man.  Readers, allow me to honor Heavy and his music by posting some of my favorite videos of his.
Right Here Waiting (remix) is my favorite Heavy D and the Boys song.  90's hip hop fans are sure to know the original, but if you bought Heavy's album, Nuttin' But Love, you'll see that the super smooth remix, featuring Silk, is the better version.  Too bad it didn't get any airplay, nor a video made for it.

Is it Good To You is likely my 2nd favorite song of his.  It's one of his earlier ones, but, man, did it have a catchy beat and playful lyrics.  I loved it how the lyrics were sort of sensual, then he goes off and says, "Oops let me run and get the whipped cream...can't have ice cream without whipped cream."  Haha.

Another one of my favorites of his is Now That We Found Love, which featured Aaron Hall of the R&B group, Guy.  This is one of his faster songs, and one of the better vids he made.
Oh, I also had a huge crush on the girl in the red jacket.

Also one of my fave vids of his is the title track Nuttin' But Love, which featured a young Chris Tucker wearing a ridiculous orange beret.  What's up with that?  (Also has the "Noxzema girl" Rebecca Gayheart)

Black Coffee is another favorite from the Nuttin' But Love album, and here he gives props to his version of the perfect woman.

The last video I will feature is Janet Jackson's Alright, which features Heavy D in a short rap cameo. The vid is fantastic (well, it's Janet) and Heavy compliments her very well.
So, yeah, this blog site is about parenting and family, but I can't let slide the passing of one of my favorite musical artists of my youth. RIP Heavy D. Thanks again for making my teen years so fun. I hope his fans would appreciate this tribute.

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