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A Trial Harvest of Garlic

By Mwillis
Well, the advice given for my "Mikulov Wight" garlic was to harvest in July, and it's now July so I have pulled some up to see how it has performed!
Many of you will remember that I have been growing my garlic in black plastic crates. It was planted on 5th October, as described HERE. I chose the crate with only 4 plants in it for the trial harvest (the others have 5 each).
A trial harvest of Garlic
Anxious moments of anticipation...! Then the big reveal:
A trial harvest of Garlic
Hmm. Disappointingly small. I had hoped for better. Still, they look to be in good condition and have a very pungent aroma.
A trial harvest of Garlic
In the light of this trial harvest I think I will leave the other three crates for another couple of weeks or so, in the hope that the bulbs will swell a bit more.
Meanwhile, I shall put the four harvested bulbs to dry in my big coldframe with all the vents open.
A trial harvest of Garlic
Looking on the bright side, even these small bulbs are bigger than the ones I produced on the only occasion I grew garlic in the past, so that's progress of a sort! I think the real problem is that my garden is too shady. Even the best parts of it only get full sun for about half of the day. I also reckon that the containers I used were a bit too small - more depth would have been a good thing.

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