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A Treehouse For Birds And People

By Gerard @presurfer
A Treehouse For Birds And People
At the 78-room 'bird apartment,' human visitors get a peek into the lives of the birds at a Nagano nature reserve. The Bird Apartment is the work of 35-year-old Japanese designer Oki Sato. It's a tree house with one facade punctured with a single human-sized entrance, which is accessed by a long stepladder. The opposite facade is made up of 78 miniature gabled houses, each just large enough to hold a bird's nest.
Visitors are invited to clamber up the ladder and into the tree house's single white room. There, they'll find 78 peepholes corresponding to the birdhouses on the other side of the wall. Through them, visitors will get a rare, up-close-and-personal glimpse of aviary wildlife.

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