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A Teddy Bear Made of Ink on Paper

Posted on the 21 December 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY:  My print copies of TIME magazine come to the rescue when I develop problems downloading the iPad edition of the newsmagazine.
Suddenly, it’s back to flipping of the pages, as opposed to swiping.

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I admit that I have been reading my TIME magazine issues on the iPad ever since I first got that wonderful gadget.  Indeed, TIME was the first magazine to become available the day the iPad came out in 2010.  It has been a good experience to simply download my edition of TIME and then read it during flights, or before going to bed in Hong Kong, or Sydney or Oslo.

It all worked fine till four weeks ago.

Since then, every time I try to download my TIME, and I have my subscription paid up till July 2013, I get an error message, and no luck. Of course, I have been troubleshooting with the TIME support guys, who are quite quick and helpful with their suggestions, but to no avail.

But, alas, upon arriving home I had all those printed editions of TIME. Yes, the old fashioned ones that arrive in the mail, and sit on my coffee table in my family room, sometimes more like decorative accessories.

Not this week, however.

I was happy to pick up three of the printed TIME issues and read them the old fashioned way.

They provided the trusted, reliable and fulfilling experience that they always have.

Not a bad thing to keep your print editions handy.

For me, this week, they were like a much needed teddy bear.

Yes, I am still trying to solve the iPaddownloading dilemma, but until then my finger gets a break, and the old virtues of ink on paper appear as timely as ever.


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