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A Task That is Killing Me

Posted on the 15 November 2011 by Limette @Limette9
As you may know, I'm currently working at a Top 100 list of my favorite films. Many blogs have one, some others refuse to create one... I decided to give it a try.
But right now I feel like digging myself a nice and warm little hole and stay there until december 9th when we're going to Mexico - this is so hard! How can I rank one film higher than another one, if I love both of them? And how often am I going to change this list? - Probably every month, as my previous watching habits have been so bad that I'm not even sure I've seen 1% of the favorite-film-material (not to speak of the classic, must-watch etc. material) out there. It's been almost one year since I've started watching many films, and especially trying to focus on good films - not just anything I can get my hands on.

A task that is killing me

You're making this very tough for me, Mister...

Another problem is that there are films I know I love and have called my "favorite film" for some time, but now I don't remember how much I love them... Would I like them if I re-watched them today? And how much?
Nikhat's comment on one of her favorite films (and mine too) ATONEMENT made me wonder... how high would I rank that film? High, that's what I'd say a few weeks ago. But maybe it's not that good a film, maybe what I found so great about it are James McAvoy's blue, blue eyes... Or DIl SE - once my favorite film of all time, I start thinking... wasn't there a lot of violence? And how much did I like that? Or THE LITTLE MERMAID. Sure, I love that film, but how high can I rank a childish Disney film?
Facing this and many other dilemmas, I remembered Stevees wonderful post on selecting your Top 100, in which she said you shouldn't make a difference between favorite films and favorite film material (at least that's what she concludes in the end).  I want to be honest with myself in this list, I want it to be 100% me, 100% Mette's favorite films. So maybe that's what I should start doing now - being honest. Well, I'll let you know the next time I fail.
Sorry if I rambled you to the ground, I don't usually write many ramble posts, but I want to blog more regularly and this was all I can think of today. Well, except that I'm excited to watch some more short films tonight - I'm currently working my way through IMDBs Top 50 short films. There was a short film festival last week here, but I'm saving all my money for our trip, so I decided to make my own kind of short film festival for the next few days. Plus I'll watch RANGO; highly acclaimed (for an animated feature) and situated in Mexico (judging from the trailer). By the way, do you know any good Mexican films?

A task that is killing me

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