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A Spring Break Trip Home

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
"Home" to me has always been and always will be the 20-acre span of land that houses my parents and my Grandmother, their greenhouse and her art studio. The area is filled with trees and grass and love and my family has lived there for decades. My father grew up there and built his house just a few hundred yards away from his parents; one of his 4 brothers did the same on the other side of them. 
Though I live just two hours  I haven't been there since last summer, before we opened our retail store. Spring break and the unfortunate closing of my business offered the perfect timing for the kids and I to head home. In fact, we took a very quick, back-and-forth afternoon trip for my grandmother's 100th birthday party last October, but we barely had time to say hello before we were on our way back to our house. 
My mother runs a garden store and greenhouse that was in full planting-mode. We got to snag some seeds and flats and plant a bit to bring home. I shall have plenty of basil to get me through the summer!!! My little guy loved, loved, loved watching the chickens my parents have. Same-day fresh eggs are always a treat! Nature-girl caught what she thought was a butterfly (it was a large, lovely moth) and nurtured it through its broken wing by bringing flowers (dandelions) and shielding it from the wind by building it a little nest at the base of a huge maple that shades the vast backyard. 
I got to read my book to my grandmother! The printed edition is finally available from Amazon and I had my proof with me. She's a celebrated artist, locally, and it meant a great deal to me to share my art form with her!!!  Plus, it's always very special to see so many generations together and watch my own children develop a relationship with a woman I love and respect so very much.
A Spring Break Trip HomeWhat more could a girl ask for?How was your spring break?

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