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A Spendy Moment in Chanel.

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
A Spendy Moment in Chanel.
A Spendy Moment in Chanel.
A couple of weeks ago now I made a naughty purchase. I was in the mood for shopping in Paris and a little something in the Galerie Lafayette (the most beautiful shopping hall you will ever be in by the way) took my fancy. I may have been able to restrain myself in Sephora *pats self on back* but unfortunately the temptation got too much. With a little devil on my shoulder, I made the purchase and walked away beaming with my first ever Chanel lipstick. Well, it's cheaper than therapy!
I've been lusting after this particularly shade (Secret) for four years (!!!), so whilst it wasn't exactly what one could call an impulse purchase, purely on the basis of price, I just hadn't been able to justify it to myself. Despite my previous hesitations, I decided to bite the bullet (geddit?) and splash the cash on this tube of pinky goodness. And boy am I glad that I did. 
The formula of this lipstick is so buttery, almost like the YSL Rouge Volupte Shines, and doesn't settle into fine lines or dry patches. The sheer glossy finish really completes any look, and it's one of those that you can throw on without having to put too much thought into. In terms of the colour, I always like to buy higher end lipsticks in pretty neutral shades because I'm just so scared of hating it and wasting them if not. This is no exception. A pinky nude that sits somewhere in the MAC Hue kind of area it's the best type of MLBB color and goes with everything.
Was it worth it? 100% yes. It may be bad, but given the choice I'd do it all over again.
When in Paris ... right? 

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