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A Social Profile Can Benefit A Business In Many Ways

Posted on the 19 July 2016 by Lili Gomes @_roselili


In the first few years of the twenty first century, it was enough for businesses to have a website, a place for clients to connect with businesses online. However, now with the development of social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, a social profile is what’s needed the most. A social profile on the web can benefit a business in many ways.

Connect with Clients
Social networking sites have become a more public territory than a company website. Anyone is able to see how many people ‘follow’ or ‘like’ your company by just viewing your social profile. This actually shows people how popular you are in your domain. Your employees too can put their best foot forward while interacting with your clients through this profile. It’s the best place for you to respond to your customer’s feedback. When you are open to your client’s concerns, smart business moves are likely to follow.

Staying Competitive
A business without a site loses clients. Similarly, businesses that do not have profiles on different social media sites are not able to do business like those that have their presence on the social web. The customers usually prefer things to be easy and simple and if they need to work too hard for finding information about an online business, they tend to move on to a competitor site that’s more accessible.

Life/Work Balance
Don’t use your personal social media accounts while promoting your business on the web because that can create a negative impact on your business. Create separate accounts on different social networking sites to market your online business. This can prevent client’s confusion because clients usually expect companies to feature articles and news about their own business rather than the personal thoughts and photos of an individual.

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A Social Profile Can Benefit A Business In Many Ways

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