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A Sleepover Birthday Party for Children and a Decorative Routine

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

A sleepover birthday party for children and a decorative routinebirthday party popular children's pajamas. go as birthday parties places, you can not feel your own home is the best place, but if you know how easy it is. Therefore, from the beginning, you need to decide the number of children they want to collect. The first thing to think about, sleeping habits are. You want to sleep together in one room or divide it into two to a room, or you have to separate the girls than boys?

When you sleep on the feast of all children prefer beds (rather than on the ground), then the number of beds do you have? Do not forget long beds and pull-out beds, camping beds belong, jumping beds ... the other parent camping beds and blow ... If you're lucky, sleep together, it is often easier for a room celebrations therefore as possible to eliminate; Spread blankets and comforters on the floor of a "base" when some children begin to sleep, to watch. Ask to bring blankets each child, his comforter and pillows from home. This is a good way to keep all the clutter in one space and allows each child to sleep in a strange environment.

Once you have decided on the numbers, you will know how to field a child's birthday decoration needs. Worth cribs and themed party too tempting, although the festival in the living rom concentrated. For example, balloons place to bedposts and leave themed party gifts on pillows. If mandatory party succumb to sleep before midnight, hanging a "Do / Do Not Disturb midnight feast," a sign of the end of the bed, which is to feel better, do not miss!

Room with birthday party for local children living: It's easier than you think your living room to make it an ideal place for your children's parties. You can start quickly with fun decor, and you have to decide on a theme for the party. Themes and decorating ideas, they look online or ask at your local library - much easier to achieve any party makeover effects are, as you might think. The first thing to do is move the furniture in the room completely or walls. It is always better to start from the top down, the decor: can balloons, streamers, leaves, enlarged toys or garlands hanging from the ceiling transform the feeling of drastically space, so even his own son feels like your birthday party is the experience "away from home". "

They think. Some themed games that can be played side area children Party Pin skull shins could replace the traditional "Pin the tail on the donkey", when a pirate theme or musical chairs that could be done with the pile of pillows with a pea on the bottom, if you have a house full of princesses. Whatever the theme of your child oldies are goodies to fit only for your children's party. Remember that you have enough games and food to keep them until ....

Movie Time: Again, choose a film that fits the theme of the party. It is get the kids in pajamas, while this opportunity, implement and bring blankets and quilts for use on the floor, so can sleep better.

Using your home as a place of birthday party and a sleepover for your kids birthday party maintains, is relatively simple. Put a little planning in advance evening available that will not be forgotten in a hurry. all part of the midnight not sleep just before waking !!
A sleepover birthday party for children and a decorative routine
Here's a question for you: parents who bring their children to many after school classes better parents than those who do not? Thought provoking, right?
With the amount of options that exist today, parents are forced to send their children to music lessons, dance classes, swimming, aerobics, art classes and maybe even a tutor. When they hear, involved talking to your friends about the activities of their children, they think ... "Oh, my God, maybe I should do that."
Each family can create a routine that works for them, but I suggest you try to sit on a "slow life". What does this mean? This means having a routine part inside the house special family activities, and a conscious decision to do more activities like participating as a jump in class train.
There are many reasons to live a slow life, but here are some of them:
1) children have time to play in a quiet place to be creative to solve problems and learn to think more divertly environment - a shortage of qualified personnel these days.
2) Children are usually independent and self-esteem can be improved, because they learn to love with yourself to spend time.
3) Children who spend quality "free time" with their families tend to have self-esteem despite health because they feel part are minor. They feel so good about themselves because they see their parents regularly make special efforts to interact with them. You feel "loved" and not just "loved".
4) children who enjoy free play time are often appropriate to develop a position for his age, instead of growing too fast, while learning to cope with a busy schedule.
5) Children living the slow life are generally well educated and have more respect for the rules of their parents.
After the advantages of knowing what is a typical slow life? The following is a healthy routine for school children.
Good routine for school children
7 hours (or earlier, if necessary) to wake up, read, brush your teeth, wash your face, tighten.
Essen 7:30 Breakfast with family
8:00 layers of loose and shoes, bags emergency and either go head to school or walk
3: 30-16: 00 get to school, hanging coat and put shoes away carefully mounted in the field of backpack homework, eat a healthy snack that is already in the list "is prepared snacks ideas, or you choose "it is in the fridge. This snack should be eaten at the table when the day is divided and spent time talking and laughing with his brothers.
Note: Stay away from sugary sweets or desserts here that hyperactivity sugar quickly creates lethargy - not good for concentration on the task. A good idea is to have a carbohydrate, protein and fat snacks like cheese and crackers or an apple with cheese stick or a house, with little or no sugar oatmeal raisin with a glass of milk.
Jump to 4:30 range of tasks and begin to do their homework. 5-8 years should usually only takes about 30 minutes for a task value. 9-12 years 45 minstrels, usually in a task time and 12 years 1-2 hours. Once the task is completed, the backpack is organized and placed in the morning leaving through the door. This is an important step.
Note: If your child has finished its work earlier than usual, some parents like to sit with your child and basic skills such as sight words, math facts or basic reading practice together until the end of the full time task . This works well if your child falls through his / her duties. If she knows she must remain until the time runs out, it will be more likely to take time and enjoy some time with you.
05:00 (or 5: depending on the age of your child 30/18 hours) Free time to watch TV, a work of craftsmanship inside or outside, read, do, have fun on the computer.
18:00 (or 6: 30/7 pm) eat dinner as a family.
06:30 (or 7/7: 30 PM) Sauber and then everyone can go to leisure equipment and more personnel to do an activity the whole family, like a movie, to build a puzzle or take a walk .
8:00 -10: 00 PM (depending on age) Bedtime
Note: If you have a routine bedtime made sure it starts this 30-40 minutes before you want lights. I recommend making a simple, short and sweet routine, so that more time is available or family to enjoy "just a story" and complaining is not an option.
If your child after school routine involved in activities, some will go. A snack should be given in the car on the way to the activity, then once at home, the task should start, while dinner is being prepared. Leisure or family time may remain the same after dinner.

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