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A Side Hustle Story: Meet Stephanie Hilen

Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

My name is Stephanie Hilen. I’m a wife, the mother of a two year old and work full-time as a second grade teacher. I’m excited to tell you my #SideHustle story today.

After I had my son, I decided that I wanted to find a way to make additional income to provide for my family. A career girl at heart, I knew I wanted to find a way to build a business and create my own hours. That was when “It Works! Global” entered into my life. I discovered It Works! Global through a friend I went to graduate school with several years ago.  She had several before and after photos of something called the Ultimate Body Applicator on her Facebook page and I was really intrigued. I quietly watched her page for a few weeks to find out more about how the products worked. As I continued to watch, I noticed that she was also posting about supplements sold by It Works. I realized that these products were not only about looking better, but more importantly, feeling better.

Although intrigued, I did not decide to try the products right away. I was hesitant and somewhat skeptical. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, and I finally decided to give her a call to find out more. She suggested I try an Ultimate Body Applicator (wrap) for free if I had a party, and so I found some friends who were also curious about the wraps and a few weeks later we had a party at my place. I decided to wrap my thighs. My friend wrapped me up and forty-five minutes later, she “unwrapped” me. I was shocked when she showed me my results! My thighs felt firmer and tighter! That day, I became a loyal customer along with four other of my party-goers.

After I had my party in November and signed up to be a loyal customer, I fell even more in love with the products. I started using the Greens, Thermofit (a metabolism boosting supplement) and Fatfighters (a carb inhibitor). After a couple of months, I became passionate about both the company and their products and knew that this was what I had been looking for!

As a teacher, I am very focused on helping others and wanted to help myself and my friends feel better inside and out. I also wanted to build a business opportunity for myself and be successful enough to provide more financial freedom for my family.

In hindsight, The Ultimate Body Applicator is initially what got me curious about pursuing a side hustle (and it was the highlight of the wrap party!). It is also very easy to use. The cloth has botanically based cream and can be applied to any problem area under the neck. We have specific applicators that can be used on the face if that is one’s target area. After applying the wrap, you just secure it with saran wrap. The wrap can be worn at any time of the day and should stay on for at least forty-five minutes. The wrap can be worn once every seventy-two hours. There is not an ideal body type for the wraps – anyone can try them!

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Having a side hustle with It Works! has changed my life in so many ways. I feel better, I look better and I am able to provide a substantial additional income for my family. One of the best parts about working with this company is the teamwork that occurs as we all try to build our businesses together. My long-term plans include retiring from teaching and going full time with It Works! If you would like information about joining my team or ordering our incredible products, check out my website or shoot me an email at

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