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A Scavenger Hunt for Me?

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Is it just me or does it seem like every girl dreams of having a guy make a scavenger hunt for her? I've always wanted one. And guess what Adam did? He put together such a thorough & thoughtful one just for me :)
It was 12.12.12 and he wanted to make it special for me. I would say that he did a fantastic job.
We met at my apartment after work and he loaded me up with $10 (for gas), a protein bar, a flashlight, and a note that told me what to do.
A Scavenger Hunt for Me?
The first stop was at my parents' house (my old bedroom specifically), because it's where we shared our first kiss. The stops weren't in any particular order, because he wanted to keep me guessing. At each place there was a little, wooden box that he built with a rose head, a picture of us, a mix CD with three songs (to listen to on the way to the next stop), and finally a note that described our memories at that particular place as well as a clue to lead me to the next place.
A Scavenger Hunt for Me?
As the scavenger hunt went on, my emotions were stirred more & more. I couldn't believe the time and the thought that Adam had put into this! I can honestly say that it is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me :)
A Scavenger Hunt for Me?
A Scavenger Hunt for Me?
11 boxes, 5 hours, and countless memories revisited later I returned to my apartment to find box number 12 waiting for me (he did 12 boxes because it was 12.12.12). Adam was sitting at my dining room table with "True Believers" by Darius Rucker playing. He sat at the table and sobbed for 15 minutes as he watched me read the last letter and go through the pictures that were in that last box. People, I have only seen Adam cry maybe three times during the seven years that I've know him. So for him to be crying like that absolutely melted my heart. 
Adam is my tough guy, so for me to see those emotions was a big deal. I feel like I got to know a new part of his heart. I was blown away by the attention that he gave to detail. I love him so much!
And no, this did not end in an engagement ;) He said that he's got something even better up his sleeve for that!

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