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A Rhyme for Britain's Bankers

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Good afternoon readers,
This week, we've been looking at the theme 'Now with one hand', which instantly got me thinking of those who give with one and take away with the other. What could possibly tie that to a poetry blog? A poem for the bankers of course...
A Rhyme for Britain's Bankers
Welcome aboard the bonus boat
Where money flows wild and free
These are the folks keeping Britain afloat,
They're much smarter than little old me.
They've wrangled a loophole to bypass the law
For each scandal their pay has gone up
With their dividends booming they're as rich as before
When they crashed us and forced all the cuts.
But listen they say, this is not all our fault
We aren't cutting, we work in the city
My meagre pay is just 10k a day
Any less would make life somewhat gritty.
Oh poor Mr Banker, you're good at your job
But not better than ten dozen men.
Why can't you see that if this doesn't stop
We'll be back where we were once again.
With the one hand you're taking the risks with the clicks
With the other you're wiping your brow
If it was your money, would you still swing your dick
The game's over, you've out-milked the sow.
Thanks for reading,

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