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A Rediscovered Love Of White Nails

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Every time I consider painting my nails white, all I can picture is having to apply three coats and then having tippex fingernails. Back in the day, I loved having white nails but for a good 5 years I just couldn't get the Tippex look out of my mind - that was until I found white false nails. (Yes, I am a nail cheat!)
A Rediscovered Love Of White Nails
False nails and I have a love hate relationship. I love the look of them but blogging all day long can mean they're a pest when it comes to typing. I always try to find false nails that are long enough to make my fingers look slimmer (#fatfingerproblems) but short enough to type with. I love Kiss nails (In particular for french polish!) but I found an even cheaper alternative in PRIMARK!
£1. Yuuuppp.
These have a semi matte finish which means they don't look like Tippex or white gloss paint. They look like my nails but better (in terms of length) and I love them.
You get 28 in a pack for a quid. Seriously. Yeah they're thinner than Kiss nails and the glue is quiche but I just buy my own brush on nail glue from Superdrug and they hold really well.
I've been wearing these for four days and I have definitely got a rediscovered love of white nails.
Are you a fan of white nails?
H x

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