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A Reason, a Season Or a Lifetime

By Michiemichiee
A reason, a season or a lifetime
"People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do."
This post was inspired by a poem titled "Reason, Season, or Lifetime" that I came across recently. It really struck a chord in me, as I felt that I could really relate to the poem. Have you ever met someone who initially you thought of as a stranger, or perhaps you see a person but kept walking without so much of a second glance. Perhaps their looks or appearance didn't interest you at that time, or perhaps you were in a hurry to get to some place at that moment. Now what if lets say, you somehow bumped into that same person again by chance, or you managed to speak and have a conversation with them. You talked about stuff, opened up about stuff, and got to know them more as a person and as an individual. Suddenly, this stranger that you once ignored became someone you care about, someone worthwhile and meaningful to keep in your life either as a friend, best friend, partners or lovers. 
You see, this person came into your life by chance for a REASON, but at this stage you don't know what that reason is. Perhaps, it is to meet a need that you have, provide some support that you need or teach a lesson that needs to be learnt. At that time, you don't really question what the reason is, you would just be enjoying their presence in your life. Nothing matters as you have someone in your life that you feel very lucky and grateful to have.
But this person wont last very long in your life. Maybe a disagreement, a fight or a mistake caused this relationship to end. Friendships ends, love dies, people walk away, leaving two people to part ways as nothing more than strangers. Sometimes, you want to fight it, to keep the relationship alive. But for people who came into your life for a reason, this will be unsuccessful, as the reason they came into your life has been fulfilled. All that is left now is for you to accept this and move on.
Some people came into your life for a SEASON. You met this person who made you laugh, cry and smile. They made you grow as an individual and shared memorable experiences with you. They made you believed anything is possible, and above all they brought you the greatest joy. A person who is meant to be in your life for a season has a mission, a goal to let you grow up and learn a lesson. Perhaps they teach you the joys of new friendship and love, and also the pain and heartbreak of broken friendship and love. When the season is over, this relationship will end causing you pain and sadness, but it is meant to be like this as that is how you will learn the lesson and grow up. The pain and heartache that they caused is why that particular person came to be part of your life for a season. The season may be filled with joys and happiness, but the lesson to be learnt comes from the sadness when this season ends.
Lastly, some people will come into your life for a LIFETIME. They are the reason you are here today after going through all the ups and downs of previous relationships. Lifelong friendships and lifetime relationship are hard to find. They only come into your life after you have learned all your lessons. They are the destination of happiness after going through the journey of finding these lifetime relationships.
So, are you a reason, a season, or a lifetime? 
A reason, a season or a lifetime
Michelle Lai

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