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A Quick Update.

By Jhop
A Quick Update.So I lied when I said everything would be back to normal this week, guys. And I apologize for the lack of posts - things have just been insane. With the Yankees kicking ass, the Red Sox losing four straight, Shaq retiring, and Terrelle Pryor getting into deep shit, there has been plenty to write about. But I promise good stuff is coming. "Batting Practice, Bitches" will be posted tomorrow, followed by big pieces on Mariano Rivera, fantasy sports, infamous cheating scandals, our virtual book club, and a new edition of "Chicks Do Not Dig."  As always, thanks for reading and for your patience.  Enjoy the weather, pick up a copy of Those Guys Have All The Fun, and check back tomorrow!
Until then, watch this entertaining, albeit sort of terrible, video of a dude dropping his kid while trying to catch a foul ball (a big thanks to The Fabulous Penguin for sharing):  

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