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A Quick Rant…

By Nyerielena @nyerielena
Naturally, it's that time of year to begin the most dreadful of the dreaded. Dress shopping. I'm not quite sure why but, dress shopping is almost as bad as jean shopping. Especially when sales associates add to one of my greatest pet peeves. Let's paint a picture for you, shall we? I walk into the store with a dress I already had in mind to try on. Grab it, find an associate for opinion's sake, and that's when shit hits the fan. The conversation goes as following,
Me- "Does my butt look big?"
Associate- "GUYS LOVE THAT!"
Hold up.
it's fascinating to me that women are designed to connect everything about themselves to mens desires. I don't blame this woman, I blame society, really. Since when did we stop dressing for ourselves and start dressing for men? It was quite apparent that this dress wasn't the perfect fit for my body and a simple, "Maybe this dress would look better" would have done it. Am I so typical to have asked that question concerning my butt? Perhaps. But it brought me to this thought, and I can thank myself, the associate, and the dress for that. In other news, although this incident bothered me for about a day and a half, it directed me back to this page. I missed you, JEGER.
A quick rant…The dress that started it all.

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