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A Quick Guide to GitHub

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs

Discover some tips on how become a better developer from Expect Labs’ Software Engineer, Suvda Myagmar. In this segment, Suvda talks about how our team uses GitHub.

Hi, my name is Suvda Myagmar, and I’m a software engineer at Expect Labs. At Expect Labs we use Github to manage our code base. It’s a central repository for source code with version control. Github makes it easy to store, publish, share, and deploy code. It has command line and graphical user interfaces. Most integrated development environments support Github. 
The main git operations we use on daily basis are cloning, branching, commit, and merge. Typically the developer clones the master branch of the project she wants to make changes to. This creates a local copy of the project. It’s safer to create an offshoot branch from the master branch for each feature or bug fix, and commit intermediate code changes to this offshoot branch. This keeps the master branch clean and allows the developer to switch between different features or bug fixes. Once the developer is done with a particular feature or bug fix, she can merge the offshoot branch to the master branch. Hope this is helpful. Thank you.

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