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A Positive Attitude is Key to Getting Hired

Posted on the 08 November 2011 by Interactive Portfolio @IntPortfolio

A Positive Attitude is Key to Getting Hired

Finding a new job in today’s market can be challenging and standing out among the crowd of other candidates can be even more difficult. The economy has forced many companies to lay off workers creating a saturated job market with numerous people desperate for work. Simply put, more job seekers with fewer vacancies means finding a job is sure to be laced with challenges, frustrations, fears, and concerns. But, a positive attitude can make a tremendous difference by alleviating some of the stress that comes along with the job search, in addition to helping you to better market yourself to potential employers.

Feelings of despair, fear, and a lack of motivation can be very detrimental not only to one’s mental health, but it can also hinder your chances of finding a job too. Employers want to hire motivated candidates who are passionate and enthusiastic about their company and the position that they are seeking to fill. And your personal disposition during the interview process, whether positive or negative, can influence an employer’s hiring decision. There are a variety of factors that are used to determine whether or not an individual is the best candidate and although technical skills and soft skills are important, your attitude and personality can play a major role in that decision too. Recruiters are looking for candidates that are not only qualified, but also have the right personality and disposition to fit in with their team.

Oftentimes you don’t have to be the most experienced to get the job, but you have to be confident in your abilities and a positive attitude is a must. Technical skills can be taught, but genuine enthusiasm and sincere desire cannot. Be encouraged and practice positive thinking despite your circumstances because it can certainly make a difference, not only in your personal life but it can increase your chances of getting hired too.

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