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A Poem By Ann Kiemel-Anderson

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20
to dream.
to take on something great…
beyond oneself.
to wear my heart in my shoe
and run with it.


to face the mountain
and challenge it
and woo it
until it crumbles.
to not give up until
the sunrise dances again
on the walls and through rooms
and over tables into corners.
erupting hearts
bringing joy…
to keep one’s back straight.
to keep one’s face toward the sun.
to beckon all of life to come
and follow you and the
giant God.
to long for truth.
no blur. no mist or fog.
to know life in clean, untarnished
to long for it as sun must
long for morning sky.
or dry, parched earth
and cracked
for drenching rain.
to say, i’ll wait”…
and never pull ahead
or reach beyond
until the road is cleared
and the path smoothed.
days or years.
no doubt or fear.
to know that never-failing love
will some day
reach out to me.
and in His hand
bring the childhood
dream. the eternal
-Ann Kiemel-Anderson
“I Gave God Time”


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