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A Play on State.

Posted on the 01 March 2013 by Jamesswezey
A Play on State.Work has been long but good, although this week flew by like crazy as it only seems like the Oscars were yesterday rather than five days ago. Speaking of the Oscars. I don't know how many of you heard about U.S. Senators Dianne Fienstein, Carl Levin, and John McCain and the ruckus they caused over the controversial methods of torture in Zero Dark Thirty. Well apparently Senator Feinstein (who is chairman of the Senate intelligence committee) was investigating the collaboration that went on between the filmmakers and the CIA, and the resources they had access to. As you may not also be aware of, Zero Dark Thirty was a critical success along with being a relative box office hit, yet it wasn't nominated for many Oscars and only won one, which it tied with along with Skyfall for. I believe, as well as many others, that the callous uproar caused by the Senators is what led to the Academy virtually snubbing the film. Interestingly enough, a day after the Oscars, Ms. Feinstein dropped her investigation and released some sort of statement. Apparently, the left liberals bully the left liberals when they see something they don't like and want something done about it. I suppose it's true on the right as well, but you would expect that kind of behavior, but the Democrats are supposed to be for the disenfranchised and the poor; I don't see where rich, wealthy, powerful Hollywood fits into all of that. Food for thought. Apparently newly minted U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is off to a very shaky start with his new job after he misnamed an Eastern European country, had a poor meeting with his Russian equivalent, and thinks that he can get Bashar al Assad to recuse himself from power. I'm not that impressed, especially for a man who was apparently born for this job what with all of his years of experience in politics and geopolitical affairs. The U.S. government though is talking of giving the Syrian rebels direct aid, although it would be non-military aid: food supplies, first aid and such stuff like that, which I am sure will help them defeat Assad. I can see it now; rebels pelting Assad's forces with cotton balls because they have no bullets, but plenty of stuff to clean up the pools of blood. Hopefully you can see my rather obvious sarcasm. President Obama and his cabinet made a colossally dreadful decision by not assisting the rebels right at the outset of the civil war, and all American politicians are also guilty for not being more vocal about how important American intervention is for removing and eliminating Assad and his regime. The decision of doing nothing will haunt Americans for generations into the future, I guarantee you. I watched a film tonight called State of Play starring Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren, Jeff Daniels, Robin Wright, Jason Bateman and Viola Davis. It's essentially a political thriller about a reporter that uncovers, slowly, a massive conspiracy involving lots of money, a private security firm, and the death of three people which slowly balloons to more. It was an "Admirable Ability" like performance; nothing bad per se, but nothing really that good either honestly. The characters weren't that compelling and neither was the story, although the plot was quite good. They assembled a mega cast, but didn't use it to it's fullest potential which is disappointing. Ben Affleck did a fine job, as did Ms. McAdams and Mr. Crowe; yet no performance really stood out to me. It was a film that was entertaining and interesting, but not compelling or any really interesting or compelling characters so it's up to you if you want to use your time to watch such a film. The weekend is almost here thank God. Good luck everyone, and good night.
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