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A Pillow That Prevents Wrinkles? Bring On The ZZZs…

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

A Pillow That Prevents Wrinkles? Bring On The ZZZs…The other day I was visiting my favorite beauty spa for an overdue facial and I spotted an anti-wrinkle pillow. My first thought: wow, they’ve truly thought of everything regarding all things beauty. Followed by: a wrinkle-fighting pillow…genius. No two ways about it, I’m a chronic side sleeper (here’s a visual: curled up on my side, fetal position, with my face smashed –and I mean smashed– into my pillow). Yep, there’s zero doubt that I’m causing an extra wrinkle or two throughout my night of heavy beauty slumber. I once heard that we spend a third of our life sleeping. That’s a lot of zzz’s…and potential wrinkles.

The Save My Face anti-wrinkle pillow basically helps combat compression wrinkles (those caused by your face being pressed into the surface of your pillow for long periods of time). The crescent-shaped design of the pillow supports the head while elevating the face. As far as the size of your noggin, this wrinkle fighter comes in two sizes (Le Grand and La Petite) ensuring proper support. There are several anti-wrinkle pillow brands on the market. If you’re all about preventing wrinkles during your nightly snooze fest, it’s definitely worth investigating.

Hey, for 20 bucks it’s cheaper than most anti-wrinkle creams. Could be worth a try. Staving off wrinkles while I sleep? Bring on the beauty ZZZs.

Now, if they could only come up with a pillow that turns back the clock, like, 10 years…

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