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‘A Personal Touch’ by Melissa Barker-Simpson

Posted on the 18 September 2015 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312
Welcoming and presenting Melissa Barker-Simpson, author of 'The Morgan and Fairchild' and 'Worlds Apart and Gifted Series', who have authored today's #100DeedsOfChange article and shares her experiences of how small notes of affection and appreciation can foster happiness in our loved ones' hearts and ours too! Before we could read her contribution, let us know her better.
‘A Personal Touch’ by Melissa Barker-Simpson ‘A Personal Touch’ by Melissa Barker-Simpson

A Personal Touch

In a society where people are glued to one device or another, it's easy to forget the simple pleasure of receiving a hand-written note. More often than not we send a quick text, bring up an instant message, or reach out through social media. But there's something special about holding a note in your hands, because it's tangible. A personal message written just for you.

An email from a friend is always welcome - it's almost guaranteed to make you smile. Yet who can dispute the pleasure of receiving an actual letter. The excitement of hearing that little thud on the doormat, of sifting through the sea of usual suspects until you come across an envelope with hand-written text. A letter from a friend or loved one.

I love to receive letters, and enjoy writing them just as much. It's the personal touch, the thought of making someone's day. Let's face it, life moves pretty fast, and we can often forget to stop, to take a moment and share our adventures. For me, the words pour naturally onto the page. It's almost like the emotions are captured in the ink; the joy, the sadness, the triumphs and frustrations.

My family and I enjoy to write notes for each other. If I leave the house before my daughters, I put a note on the kitchen counter to wish them a happy day. Such a simple thing, and they instantly know I'm thinking of them and miss the opportunity to start our day together.

It's a habit I try to maintain, even when it's easier to text or drop someone a quick email. Whether it's a simple note on a scrap of paper, or a pretty notecard, a thank you card - it makes a difference. Letting somebody know you're thankful, that you appreciate them.

In my office at home I have a whiteboard, which I use when planning out my stories. I regularly find drawn pictures or notes from my girls, and my heart melts every time.

Nobody can deny the benefits of technology. When our friends and family live far away, when we don't have enough time to write out a letter, a text to say 'good luck' or 'I'm thinking of you' or 'hugs' is a nice way to go that extra mile.

I remember when I went to France on a school exchange trip when I was sixteen. I was far from home, and though I loved the place, the friendships I made, I was a little homesick. I spoke to my dad on the phone daily, but when I received a letter describing my family's adventures, it was a little slice of home. It brought them closer, I could almost hear the laughter bubbling from the page. It's a letter I've always treasured.

So, what are you waiting for? Slip a little note into your child's lunch box, or your partner's pocket. Leave a note if you're going to be late home, or have to leave early. Write a letter to a friend you haven't seen in a while, or a family member who lives too far away to drop in for a visit.

‘A Personal Touch’ by Melissa Barker-Simpson‘A Personal Touch’ by Melissa Barker-Simpson

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