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A Personal Post

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion

I never really do posts like these. I sometimes give people a snippet into my personal life, but not very many. Truthfully, I think my life can be too crazy to even understand. For a while now, I vowed to let you all in a little more into the hectic life I live.
As you know, I'm Lexi. I'm a sixteen-year-old junior in high school. Yes, I'm very young for my grade and should be a sophomore. I was just put into school a year early. I'm one of those students that school comes easily to. With easy classes, I never really have to try and I can get A's on tests and quizzes. I like a challenge, so I always try to take the hardest classes possible in order to challenge myself. So this year has been a little tricky for me, but I changed some of my school habits and I managed to do my best this last semester: all A's and A-'s.
Besides school, I'm in A LOT of extra-curriculars. I like to feel a part of something, and most of all, I like to feel in charge. I take a lot of leadership positions at school. My sophomore year, I joined a class called Yearbook & Newspaper. It was only eligible for certain sophomores so I was allowed to take it. As a sophomore, I joined the newspaper staff and with a senior I was co-editor of the newspaper. Now, in my junior year, during my first semester, I took on sole responsibility as editor of the newspaper. It was difficult, seeing as all my co-workers were seniors (a lot of which already had senioritis.) This past semester, my teacher thought it would be beneficial for me to switch over the yearbook staff. Now I'm the co-editor of the yearbook staff with another senior. I still contribute to the newspaper, where I write a biweekly post about books.
That's pretty much my main extra-curricular, even though it's a class. Then I participate in Forensics, where I do state-wide speaking competitions; I'm a member of National Honor Society; I'm one out of four students that represent my junior class for the school; I'm in Project 180 - an anti-drinking/drug usage group; I was chosen as one of two girls to attend the Badger Girl State event - a government workshop - in my state. As you can tell, just my school extra-curriculars are all over the place. Then I have more of my personal things.
I also have a job at a local pizzeria, where I work every other Wednesday, every other Sunday, and every Friday. On the Wednesdays that I don't work, I volunteer at my local library. Sometimes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to yoga with my mom. That leaves Monday and Saturday. Saturday is usually my blogging and reading day. I set aside the whole day to just do whatever I can to help my blog out. That leaves Monday for my boyfriend.
Yes, I have a boyfriend. His name is Michael and he just turned 19 years old, last week. I'm currently 16 years old. This is quite a difference in age, but he was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore when we met. We happened to have the same English class, and we became best friends. That happened to turn into more, and we've been dating for over a year now. It's crazy that someone can be that important to me.
My life is pretty crazy, I know. I like to stay busy and preoccupied - it makes me feel accomplished. I'm not even sure how I manage to do it all, but I do. It makes me happy that I'm able to accomplish this all within the course of a week.
So I think that's it for now. It's not much, but I just felt like you should know how crazy my life is. This is just kind of warning, so if I go through little spurts where I'm not able to blog, that's why.

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