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A Personal Note (RANT…BREAKDOWN Warning!!!)

By Reporterandgirl @reporterandgirl

So this week has been terribly busy and an up/down roller-coaster for me.

Work has been busier than usual and I had been out of the office for two days in the field.  Only to return on my only full day without clients (Thursday) to have an email waiting for me from a lady who’s dying to yell at me as soon as I call her.

Some people really don’t understand nonprofits. There are two things you need to concern yourself about how nonprofit works.

1. We don’t get paid enough to put up with other people’s bulls*!#

2. We run on a different time schedule.

Let me explain #2 first: In the private sector time=money. Meaning, you shouldn’t be wasting time, otherwise its money that could have been earned. Now in the nonprofit and even government sector, technically this is not true. Time is not money, this is why the lady at the DMV doesn’t have to rush to process everyone on line. The DMV, makes the same amount of money and you’ll just come back to tomorrow, bitches!

So the DMV won’t lose money.

Same with nonprofits. As salaried workers or volunteers: 10 tasks a day or 5 tasks a day it doesn’t matter to us because the agency doesn’t make/lose money.

It in no way means people are lazy, but when half your “workforce” is made up of volunteers; then things aren’t always top priority. Not to say that volunteers aren’t dedicated, but an agency can only go so far or move so fast relying on volunteerism.

Ok now rule #1. Very few people can say that they make enough (especially to put up with people’s bulls#!*). But government and nonprofits are notorious for underpaying (Remember hiring part-time, but making you work full time hours and saving on the benefits? Walmart didn’t invent that, it was the United States Postal Service)

Many nonprofits adhere to strict contracts, including which positions you can hire for and how much they get paid. So if an agency is contracted to have 1 social worker and 1 case manager, but they have 100 clients busting down the door in need of services…well people get referred out pretty quickly or fall through the cracks. And pay is regulated, so you’re doing a great job and performing at 4,000% your caseload (Yes, this was my annual review) SORRY, you won’t be getting a raise or promotion. Because the contract doesn’t have that written into it.

But workers aren’t lazy, in fact many nonprofit workers wear 8 or 9 hats. So the social worker who is officially hired as a “social worker” by contract, is also the receptionist, jobs skills coordinator, ESL teacher, SNAP (food stamps) enrollment officer. But is only getting paid for her contract job description. So in a sense, they are volunteering when they take on those extra roles. Hence we go back to #2 about volunteers and time.

I guess this is a long way of me saying why I didn’t post anything yesterday.

Another reason, is that I have been feeling pretty moody and upset about Jon.  Don’t ask me why, maybe it has to with the fact that I have been putting off finishing the chapters.

Speaking of which, I am considering publishing TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman! I was contacted by a publisher a while back, but everything is TBA; except that I am using the pen name/pseudonym S.C. Rhyne.

So I do want to thank all my readers and followers for loyally supporting me and I hope you’ll follow the series onto this next stage.

(Sigh) so feeling crappy and depressed I managed to weasel in half a chapter today. As well as complete the video for Chapter 5; but I’m waiting on a music decision before that can go live.

I tried to be more productive, by fixing my Whirley Pop popcorn maker. It had broke a few weeks back, and the company decided to stand by it’s reliable product by sending me gear kit to put the damn thing back together myself. And I can’t even unscrew the old gears off.

So tonight I’ll be snacking on this:

A Personal Note (RANT…BREAKDOWN Warning!!!)

Otherwise, I’m probably the only person right now who wouldn’t mind North Korea going nuclear and burning everything to the ground just so I can be alone. Like Walking Dead alone

On a positive note, aren’t you enjoying the Spring weather we’re having?

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