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A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- Breast Reduction

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hi everyone.  It's been a while.   I mentioned earlier that I've taken a couple of commissions.   I felt the need to get those underway before proceeding with my butterfly.  I have finished the sculpting on this project and so it was a good place to take a break.   Below are the final steps in the sculpting.    Like I do with many of my paper mache projects, I wanted some horizontal breast plates.   I started at the end of the bifurcated tail.  I folded little pieces of cloth and laid them one over the other.   I worked my way up the tail...
A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- breast reduction
... up the stomach and over the entire torso.  I ended under her chin.
A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- breast reduction
So this is where I had a revelation.   She is supposed to be somewhat older, and craggy.  Yet when I looked at her I realized that while her skin was older and wrinkled, her breasts looked like those of a 20 year old.  I inadvertently constructed her like a high school boy would.   So she needed a breast reduction.    I wrestled with whether I should show this or not.   In the end I decided that I wanted to show the entire process.  I want people to see my equivocation.   I must say, cutting off her breasts was hard for me.  I worked really hard on them.  I think I spent two days making them.  
A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- breast reduction
So here is my breastless butterfly. 
A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- breast reduction
No paper mache here.  I just used wadded paper and masking tape to reconstruct the breasts.   These are much more in line with what I wanted.  They are smaller and it looks like she has some muscle. 
A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- breast reduction
I added new plates.   I know it doesn't look that different in this photo.  But in person this change made a big difference.
Next time...Painting.   Thank you for stopping by!

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