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A Panthers' Fan Take on New #Steelers Safety Mike Mitchell

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
One of the Fantasy Football columnists that I follow on Twitter is also a Panthers' fan. So I thought, who else to go to for a good, unbiased take on Mitchell than him. Here's what he said:
"Great team player, an instant leader (if he re-signed, I think he would have been a captain)."
"I don't think he was worth the money Pittsburgh payed him, but he does everything well. He is solid all around, but not elite"
"It's hard to tell how much of his performance was related to the front 7, as a number of inadequacies were masked due to that"
"But he was, by far, the best player in the secondary last year. Pittsburgh is lucky to have him (even at his inflated cost)"
"He got a "prove it" deal last season, and he proved it. He was definitely the biggest loss for Carolina (outside Gross)"
So there, for what it's worth, you have it!
Personally, I think that he annual salary is a bit on the high side, but we did have a need and maybe we have to overpay a bit to fill it. It happens. I do think he'll be a good fit here.

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