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A Noteworthy Note

By Shaguntomar @shagunt

Firstly, I am extremely sorry for not writing in for so long and secondly, I have something to share people and that is my new blog, which I have started along with my dear friend and a much good at her work lifestyle journalist, Sonali Vij.  If that makes you think that this blog is done with then the answer is no. This is my personal baby blog and it is going nowhere. Just that now my time and love be shared with The way you all have appreciated Vogue and Vegan, please also follow Helipad on Heels where Sonali and me share our experiences and everything we love and I am sure you guys would love too. To help us with amazing pictures we have Suvrat Tandon, a great photographer and explorer and also Sajid Chauhan who definitely needs no introduction in the capital's social circuit and he is the one we would be troubling time to time to get help us capture juicy news and gossip.  What makes our blog little different from regular publications is that we do not write to fetch revenue out of it. This in turn means that whatever we write here does not have to be commercially motivated. We only share what we truly like and feel you would like too.  So, guys if you want news and gossip from people who think like you then do follow Helipad On Heels. Moreover, as we grow, we would love receiving your feedback at [email protected] so that we grow better.
Thanks so much.
xoxoxo Shagun Tomar

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