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A Note To Myself From the Future

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

A Note To Myself From the Future

The things I could tell
that new mom -
the me of nearly 7 years ago

When I was about 20 years old, my sister gave me a book called Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much.  I was 20, going to school full-time, working full-time and honestly, not much else. As I look back on what seemed like a very busy, stressful time in my life, I laugh at my former self. Oh, that girl did not know how easy her life was.
But everything is subjective. We can only see things from our own point of view, from exactly where we are, at any given moment. Knowing that, I'm attempting a different perspective. I'm actively trying to look back at myself. That is, imagine me 10 years from now thinking back to where I am right now. Are you confused? Imagine, if everything looks better in hindsight, why not try to achieve "hindsight" every day?
Try this exercise with me: write a short note to your 20-year-old self. Name just 3 things that are/were awesome about life at that time, or that came out of that time. Do it again for you at 25, 30, 35 and onward, depending how old you are!
If you went through a rough patch during any of those periods, point out the benefits that resulted. Then, especially if you're going through something today (and aren't we all?), write yourself a note from the you who will be in 10 years.
Here's mine -
Dear Tam, 
Remember in 2012 when the store was about to close? The bank account was a big, fat zero and you felt upset and worried about the future. But you didn't just sit there. You published your first book! You sold only one that first day and you were so scared, but once you got it up on Kindle you sold tens of thousands!!! Every challenge during that time led you right to where you are/I am today! Secure, free, successful! The bank account has a big, fat bunch of zeros now!! But with a much higher number in front of it! A spark of an idea with a friend led you to a hugely successful company that you run from anywhere in the world you happen to be and you're a prolific and well-published author. Your children know a life that few experience and your marriage thrives. So, here I am, ten years ahead of you, reminding you to embrace every moment. You are taken care of, so fear not. Step bravely into what you will be; what I am. 
Love, Yourself
What's yours?

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