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A Note From Your Editor

By Gerard @presurfer
Lately I've received several emails of Presurfer readers who told me they were concerned about the links and pictures on the right-hand side. They found them offensive and not up to the standard they were used to. They said the links sometimes pointed to sites with questionable content. Although these links got me as much as 50,000 visitors last year, I decided to look into this matter.
Although I'm not offended by these links myself, I can understand the worries of some of my readers. Especially since this is a site for all ages. The opinion of my readers is important. I'm having a lot of fun 'making' The Presurfer. But I don't do it just for myself. The recognition of people who take the time to read The Presurfer is much more important.
And I have to agree, more and more the links did indeed point to questionable content. Therefore, I have decided to remove these links and pictures.The Presurfer

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