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*A Nose Around My Boudoir*

By Dottydolly @jadearchibald1
*A nose around my Boudoir**A nose around my Boudoir**A nose around my Boudoir**A nose around my Boudoir**A nose around my Boudoir**A nose around my Boudoir*clothing rail / Bed spread / Cushion (similar) / Cushion / Hello Kitty 
Hello girlies & guys! I hope you are all well and enjoying the unbelievable weather! (while it lasts). I thought today I would let you have a little nose around my Bedroom. You can probably tell I am the girliest girl alive from the overdose of flowers, pink and lots of pretty decorations. (Oh, and Hello kitty teddies...) I honestly do promise i'm 19. It's just, I don't really want to grow up yet... 
A lot of the things pictured you can actually purchase yourself (If you like them) so make sure to click on the links! One of my newest, and fabulous bedroom additions is this Bed throw from Dunelm Mill. I'd been after a new one for AGES, and find they add the perfect finishing touch to a bed. A lot of you asked on twitter and Instagram where you can buy it, so take a look here! It's such amazing value for money (30% off currently), and will undoubtedtly keep you snuggling no matter the weather! Combining patchwork, floral and pink shades it really is a MUST for any girly girls bedroom! Don't-cha think? 
I hope you've enjoyed being a little nosey! I know I certainly enjoy posts like this! I'm currently decorating my little bedroom at my dads too, so if you'd like any decoration or 'making the most of space' tips let me know down below in the comments! I could even do a 'before & after' perhaps? You choose!
Have a wonderful afternoon, I'm keeping my fingerscrossed that I may actually catch some sun... xxx 
P.S Don't forget to check out the new 'Shop my wardrobe' section on my blog, here!

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