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A New Skirt

By Blemon
A new skirtSanta will be bringing my assistant a special doll for Christmas. I know you're judging but I don't care. She's been asking for a girl (not a baby) with clothes and shoes and sunglasses and stuff. So it's this or American Girl. And yes, I've been taking her out of the box.
A new skirtI used the Miseducated skirt pattern but since I don't like felt I added some 1/4" seam allowances and stitched it up. I cut out the center of the pattern to fussycut the Russian dolls.
A new skirtIf you want to do this, make sure you clip your corners and snip a little in the curves so it will turn. (See my flickr for detail).
A new skirtLeave an inch or so open on one side, turn it inside out and press. Then topstitch that seam closed.
A new skirtAdd a snap to close it up.
A new skirtI feel this skirt is a little short so next time I'll lengthen the pattern. And I'll make a wrap skirt sometime too. Just extend one of the short edges about an inch or so and add a little ribbon to tie it up. Oh yeah, I did some applique on an eBay shirt using the scraps of the skirt fabric to match. The shirt is too long for the skirt so I paired it with these dollar store jeans that need to be hemmed. I found loads of free Blythe dress patterns online and I'm really excited to start sewing.

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