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A New Leaf

By Bookishkind @bookishkind

Recently I've been reading quite a bit more than is usual for me these days. I happened to pick up a vintage paperback copy of Silas Marner and read the back story which intrigued me, and so began reading it. It didn't hurt that I was given a hug light that allowed me to read laying flat in bed with tiny lights shining up at the words to urge me on through the book. So I began.

The story unfolded gently and I was thankful for this since George Eliot is not one of my favorites particularly. In fact, the volumes of hers that I have read could only be called slim. I am pleased to say that Silas Marner is now one of my favorite classic books.

It worried me that his story would remain sad and end badly. But, I read on, and was again pleased with the story and his growth as a character. Pleased that Effie, his daughter, was loyal to him to the end. Being that Jean Valjean and Michael Henchard are two of my favorite book characters, I feared that Silas' story would rank among these, but the ending came together happily for once. 

I recommend this book if you are looking for something new to read. My reading habits used to be insatiable and have slowed as I've gotten older, but I'm turning over a new leaf (pun intended).

A New Leaf

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