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A New Beginning for Moodstyle Monday

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito

Thanks to my dear friend Swati, blogger of The Creative Bent (which you MUST read, I mean this girl is saving my sanity, I am learning so much things reading her blog), I decided to put some more effort doing my outfit posts. See, the blogging community is definitely an extraordinary one. Swati send me a kind message pointing out that she found that my outfit posts should be more polished and gave me some advices to make them better. Truth is taking pictures of what I am wearing is something I don't appreciate as much as writing my WYSIWYG Wednesday and Shoot That Thursday posts. The consequence of such a preference led me to pay less and less attention to Moodstyle Monday by not taking care of my pictures (as if having a low quality camera wasn't enough..). Hence some crappy pictures in this section, so pardon me for that.Swati's message made me reflect and I went through my older outfit posts to find a connecting thread that would made Moodstyle Monday entertaining both for you and me. Because if it's a pain in the neck for me doing a post, I suppose you'll find no fun in reading it. So what is that connecting thread ? Bologna and my touristic guide background. I indeed noticed that I enjoyed the most the outfit posts I wrote while showing you Bologna, that is why I decided that from now on I'll bring you with me for a tour* in the town while sporting my favorite outfits.Now that you know the new direction Moodstyle Monday will be taking, let me introduce you to the Chiesa della Santa or Chiesa Corpus Domini.A new beginning for Moodstyle MondayI was going back home with Mariagiovanna (my adorable flatmate who takes all my pictures) when we saw this magnificent façade. Both of us fell in love with it and decided that it would be the perfect background for a little shooting.A new beginning for Moodstyle MondayI pointed out to Mary how rare it was to see in Bologna such a refined front. Last week I showed you the Basilica of San Domenico which façade is not as polished as the one you have on these pictures. Indeed if you happen to visit Bologna from the outside some religious buildings really look simple, you actually have to go inside to see the artistic exuberance characteristic of the Renaissance (Bologna is a town that knew a great expansion in the end of the XIVth century which corresponds to the period of the Renaissance).A new beginning for Moodstyle MondayWhen I first saw Bologna it made me think of the typical medieval town but when visiting its monuments and seeing how they were decorated I understood that it was both a town belonging to the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras. The façade of the Chiesa della Santa really caught my attention because of the delicate work  done on it. It reminded me of what I saw in Florence, and this should not have surprised me since the architects of Chiesa della Santa are from Tuscany, the cradle of Renaissance.Being in front of such a building made me feel like a lilliputian, see by yourself :A new beginning for Moodstyle Monday
This outfit is all courtesy of Mary. I asked her to be my personal stylist using whatever she wanted in my wardrobe. And here is the result.A new beginning for Moodstyle MondayA hat, she wanted me to put a hat on. I bought this one 2 years ago during the Vintage Market of Verona. I never knew how to style it but Mary did. A new beginning for Moodstyle MondayA new beginning for Moodstyle Monday
But eventhough I do like that hat on my head, what I love the most is my hair that is why I couldn't help but taking it off.A new beginning for Moodstyle MondayA new beginning for Moodstyle MondayIf you are wondering about the shirt, it's vintage and is a memory of my highschool time when I was always wearing it. Because of it my friends would call me Louis XIV because of the jabot. Personally I thought Mary had a brilliant idea pairing it with my my napoleonic military style jacket.What do you think about the new direction Moodstyle Monday is taking ? Do you like Mary as my personal stylist ?

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